Drop Everything And Read!!!!

Winter is coming and so are the holidays so we thought we would ask a our friends to recommend some of their favorite books for gift giving and for reading on the snowbound days that are an inevitable part of living up here in New England.  Here are only a few of the books they have enjoyed.  More recommendations to come in future posts – we have prolific readers for friends!!

Sandi R likes Your Medical Mind by Jerome Groopman MD and Pamela Hartzband—according to the NY Times review this book “…aims to empower patients to become active participants and negotiators in decision about their health care.”  Sandi wants to be able to ask the right questions and weigh  her options as she ages—a smart woman!  We are headed into old age, boomers—let’s be prepared as much as possible…

Bettye M likes Up Country by Nelson DeMille which is an adventure story set in Vietnam.  It is a murder mystery but has also been described as a travel book, a war history and a personal reminiscence.  We boomers were so young back then—it might  be interesting to go back  to that era with fresh eyes and a more experienced life perspective.

Carole M likes the Inspector Monk  series by Anne Perry.  She describes the series as being “set back in Victorian England with a main character who wakes up after an accident and doesn’t remember who he is.  These are not your typical whodunits…they are as much character studies as they are murder mysteries…and they convey a good sense of what life was like back then.”

Pat S recommends the Hunger Games Trilogy by Suzanne Collins.  She teaches this to her 8th grade classes but  feels that it is a great adult read too.  “If adults read it and focus on the role of a totalitarian government rather than the struggle for kids to survive, it takes on an entirely different context.”  (This book generated a lot of discussion at our Book Club!)

Deb C ’s book club read The Forgery of Venus by Michael Gruber and she “definitely” recommends it.  The story is about “an artist who may or may not be insane.”  (For art lovers and lovers of thrillers.)

Anne K and Caren M really enjoyed Gillian Flynn’s Gone Girl.  “Couldn’t put it down . . . pretty dark but a fun read . . . well written . . . had to check out all her others too but Gone Girl was my favorite.”  (Indeed it was a hard-to-put-down book!)

Anne K also tells us that one of her other favorites is The Namesake “ and anything else by Jhumpa Lahiri.”  (This was one of our very favorites too!)

Louise J is now reading When We Were the Kennedys, a memoir by Monica Woods.  “It’s about a family who lives in a mill town on the banks of the Androscoggin River.” (Connie’s origins . . . Maine!) Louise suggests that it might “only appeal to people of our generation.”  (But Amazon gives it 4 1/2 stars)-

Carole H tells us she really liked The Art of Fielding by Chad Harbach.  “Seems to be about baseball, but is much more about relationships among characters at a small college. I really cared about these people.”

Life of Pi is coming out as a movie soon.  We would recommend reading the book first–it’s a fascinating read.  What’s real?  What isn’t?

Jack B has read Moby Dick by Herman Melville at least five  times and is thinking about reading it again this winter.  He enjoys the writing style and sees that “it represents good versus evil and the challenges that life brings in this struggle.”

Other classic favorites mentioned by more than one reader include Grapes of Wrath by John Steinbeck and To Kill A Mockingbird by Harper Lee—also personal favorites of Charlotte and Connie.

Guess we’ll be getting take out for dinner…

Thanks to all of our friends who submitted these suggestions! Curl up with one of these books and some wine or hot chocolate –what better way to spend a few hours on some of  the cold dark nights ahead?!  Actually, a good movie is one way–but that’s another post!

A little postscript:  Saturday 11/24th is Shop Small or Small Business Saturday.  Let’s support local businesses or they may not be there the next time that you need them. Shopping at neighborhood businesses also helps to keep our dollars in RI!  Shop Small!!!!